Another treehouse drawing

It was such a beautiful day. We sat outside drinking tea just after we'd arrived. Some small children were playing nearby, I say 'playing', they were actually just entertaining themselves and each other by finding different ways to get from the top of the 3 steps to the bottom. There they were jumping down the steps and then sliding down the steps and then hopping down the steps backwards...such simple pleasures! I'd come with my parents to see the Alnwick Gardens which were very colourful. We walked around the gardens at a snail's pace we'd certainly picked a great day to come. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky.

Then when we came out on the way back to the car there it was, this incredible house built into the trees. Not just a few planks of wood nailed in between a couple branches but something that I could imagine Peter Pan and the Lost boys living in. I was huge, it scaled across a number of trees connected by rope bridges. There were different levels and an incredible view if you went through the restaurant (yes a restaurant) and up through the back stairs to the top.

This is just one small part of it.